$100,000 NYU Technology Venture Competition

$100,000 + help to commercialize your research/invention – 

The $100,000 NYU Technology Venture Competition (part of the larger $300k NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge) was created to support all NYU students, faculty & researchers in their efforts to commercialize their inventions/research and create new startup ventures. Over the last 5 years, teams from MedicineEngineeringGSAS, Stern and Tisch/ITP have collectively taken home $450,000 in prize money to help launch their ventures.

An info session (aka “competition kickoff”) about the Challenge will be held on:


Wednesday, Sep 14


Paulson Auditorium, Tisch Hall (40 W 4th St) 

RSVP here

To be clear, you DO NOT need a business plan to enter. Over the course of the following months, you’ll participate in a variety of workshops to learn the skills you will need to identify your initial target market, assess the competition, explore business models, etc. In addition, if you make it to the semi-final round (announced in mid-December), you’ll be assigned a hand-picked team of experienced coaches and mentors to give you the feedback and sector-specific guidance you’ll need. Final judging is in May.

At least one current NYU student, faculty or researcher must be a member of the venture’s founding team. Beyond that, the other critical requirement is that the underlying technology/IP must’ve been developed at NYU, and at least be in proof of concept form at the time of applying.

If you have any questions about the competition or your eligibility, please reach out to Frank Rimalovski <fbr4[at]nyu.edu> at the Entrepreneurial Institute.


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