DAAD-German Academic Exchange 2016 Competition and Internal Deadline

The DAAD competition for this year is now open. The deadline for students to submit their applications to NYU is Thursday, October 13 at 4:00 p.m. Submission details can be found on this website.
This program supports study and research in Germany. Research grants and scholarships are available at the Ph.D., Master’s and Undergraduate levels. In addition to these opportunities, DAAD also offers grants in the areas of the arts, science and engineering, language study, and journalism. Students interested in these additional opportunities or short-term grants should send their applications directly to DAAD, as they do not fall within the NYU campus submission process. The NYU campus process only pertains to applications for the Study Scholarships or Research Grants.
Being part of the NYU process can be helpful for students because DAAD allows NYU to select up to two priority candidates. All applications will be submitted to DAAD regardless of whether the student has priority status. If a student is interested in applying but unable to make the NYU deadline, they can apply directly to the DAAD New York Office.
You can find additional information about the DAAD on their website and on the official DAAD site: www.daad.org.

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