Call for Papers EXTENDED DEADLINE, DEC. 31 2016

At the Limit: Borders, Margins, and Walls


Sentiments in this period of fugue after the United States elected such a polarizing president have escalated to the point that many of us are feeling that we have reached our limit. As students we are thinking about borders at a time when they seem more intransigent than ever. Just as we are unavoidably concerned with the hard, absolute lines that have allowed such a demagogue to win the US election, so are we contemplating such critically divisive global events as the human cost of the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean, the limitations on migration implicit in Brexit, and the continual renegotiation of sovereignties in the South China Sea. Moments of crises such as these also open up a reconsideration of borders within the field of Cinema Studies. Be it the increasingly porous distinction between oft-separated notions of “cinema” and “media,” the consistent border-questions provoked in discussions of genre, or foundational distinctions to be made in film theory, now seems a time to pause and rethink established material and immaterial boundaries.

This year’s student conference works to magnify the border as a geopolitical, aesthetic, and theoretical site to resist impending policy that would disable movement across such borders. In this regard, we invite border-crossing papers and multimedia presentations that enable cultural and disciplinary exchange.

NYU Cinema Studies calls for submissions including, but not limited to, the following topics for our annual student conference taking place February 24-26, 2017; Keynote speaker to be determined.

Infrastructures of the border(scape): fences, walls, airports and seaports

Limited collections and archival borders

Limitations of the human and the body; sexuality and identity

Border films, cross-cultural filmmaking and visual culture

Boundaries of genre and mode

Contested or expanding sovereignties

Spatial limits, contingencies, bounded time

Liminal spaces and conditions, hybridity

Atopic or heterotopic places

Limit cases and scientific method

Interface as border, cross- and trans-media exchange

Translation across conceptual boundaries and theoretical particularities

Please send abstracts of approximately 350-words with 100-word bios to the conference committee at nyuborders2017[at] by 31 December 2016 (updated as of 12/20/2016). Please direct all questions/queries to nyuborders2017[at]

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