Spring 2017 Cold War Seminars !

Feburary 2nd: Marjorie Heins, “Abstract Expressionism, Machismo, and the Cultural Cold War.”

Feburary 16th: Eric Zolov, Stony Brook University, “Flirting with Neutralism: The Spirit of Bandung in Mexican National Politics, 1960-1961.”

March 2nd: Matt Swagler, Columbia University, “Crossing the Congo River: Attacks, Escapes, and Reconciliation Between the Two Congos.”

March 9th: Andrew Hammond, New York University, “The CIA is Back in Business’: The Agency, Afghanistan & the Second Cold War.”

March 23rd: Lien Hang Nguyen, Columbia University, “On the Eve of Tet 1968: 50 Year Later.”

April 6th: Paul Thomas Chamberlin, Columbia University, “The Cold War’s Killing Fields: The Human Tragedy of the Superpower Struggle.”

April 20th: Luca Falciola, Agnese N. Haury Postdoctoral Fellow, “Making the Revolution with Legal Advisors: The Radical Left and the National Lawyers Guild in the United States (1965-1975).”

May 11th: Clarence Taylor, Baruch College, “The Long Black Struggle Against Police Brutality in New York City.”

The seminars will be held at 4:00 PM in the Michael Quill Conference Room at Tamiment Library. Each of the papers will be sent out a week before the seminar.

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