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This Friday! Demystifying Ph.D. Programs


Join us for a workshop designed to demystify the graduate school application process.  Saudi Garcia (GSAS, Anthropology Ph.D. Student) will lead an interactive workshop exploring the application process, what to expect in the first year of a Ph.D. program, and how to apply for fellowships and other forms of financial aid.  Beyond the basics of the application process, the workshop will also candidly discuss navigating the culture of graduate programs, being the first person in your family to pursue a Ph.D., and how to achieve a successful work-life balance. The workshop is geared towards students underrepresented in graduate programs, but all are welcome. Please fill out this form to RSVP.

Date: Friday,March 3rd4-5 PM

Location:  Grad Lounge, Silver Center, Room 120

Italy Restoration Summer Field School

Applications are open for summer 2017 field school, the San Gemini Preservation Studies Program.

Now in its 19th year, with alumni from over 170 colleges and universities worldwide, SGPS is dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage. We offer students the opportunity to study and travel in Italy where they acquire hands-on experience in preservation and conservation. Our deadline for applications is March 15, 2017.

 Session One (May 29 – June 23)

Building Restoration – Touching the Stones

Restoration of Traditional Masonry Buildings and Sketching and Analyzing Historic Buildings

(Program includes lectures and field projects*)

Archaeological Ceramics Restoration**

Analysis and Restoration of Archaeological Ceramics in Italy

(Program includes lectures and workshop)

Book Bindings Restoration

The Craft of Making and Restoring Book Bindings

Introduction to the Conservation of Books and Bindings

(Program includes lectures and workshop)

 Session Two (July 10 – August 4)

Paper Restoration

Restoration and Conservation of Paper in Books and Archival Documents

(Program includes lectures and workshop)

Traditional Painting Techniques

Traditional Materials, Methods of Painting and Art Restoration Issues

(Program includes lectures and workshop)

Preservation Theory and Practice in Italy 

Restoration Theory, Ethics and Issues

(Program includes lectures and discussion)

*Field Projects:

Restoration of the façade of the Church of San Carlo (13th century)

Analysis of medieval buildings in San Gemini as part of an urban study of the city

Short Intersession Programs (June 24 – July 7)

Preservation Field Trip – Italy (June 25 – July 4)

A ten-day trip visiting Siena, Florence and Rome: places of cultural interest, the urban and historical development of each town, and specialized visits to places of interest to restorers.

Coexistence of Memory and Modernity – Athens (June 25 – July 6)

A twelve day visit of Athens: an exploration of the history of preservation and conservation issues facing the city led by some of the top Athenian experts in their field.

The History and Culture of Food in Italy (June 26 – July 7)

A two-week course giving an overview of the history and cultural traditions of food in Italy. The course will include lec­tures, field trips and an experimental cooking workshop.

To find out more about our program and review the syllabi, please visit our WEBSITE.

Our courses are open to students from various disciplines, both undergraduate and graduate. All lessons are taught in English.



March 14 – Dana Mills – Dance & Politics

Dana Mills will discuss her new book Dance and Politics: Moving Beyond Boundaries (Manchester University Press, 2016) on Tuesday, March 14 (4:30 PM) at the Tamiment Library. A reception with wine and cheese will follow the lecture. This event is sponsored by the Frederic Ewen Center.

Dr. Dana Mills is a Philosopher, political and dance theorist; has taught political theory at Hertford College, Oxford. Was a Fall 2016 Residential Fellow at Center for Ballet and the Arts (NYU) and a Visiting Scholar at the Hannah Arendt Center (Bard College in the winter of 2017. Feminist and human rights activist.

Copies of Dance and Politics will be available for purchase.

RSVP: email[at] with guest name(s) & event title.



UPDATED: Call for Papers – Radical Democracy (Extended deadline)

The New School for Social Research, New York City
Keynote: Dilip Gaonkar, Closing Plenary: Yasmin Nair

The Department of Politics at the New School for Social Research embraces the occasion of the 6th Annual Radical Democracy Conference to ask what’s the matter? As a springboard into the material, practical, historical, lived, aesthetic, discursive and theoretical manifestations of Radical Democracy, and the constellation of claims with which it is associated. As preceding conferences have done, RD#6 will consider the theory and practice of radical democracy in its historical and contemporary settings.

This year’s theme is galvanized by an attention to the mattering happening all around us, and the ways these matters make radical claims upon the demos — popular sovereignty, demagoguery and tyranny, fascism and anti-fascist uprisings, racial justice, freedom struggles, declarations of defiance, resistance to oppression and colonial violence, and ongoing grassroots organizing; from Palestine to Ferguson, Syria to Delhi, Charlotte to DC, London to New York, Tepoztlán to Rojava, Oaxaca to Athens, Dhaka to Rio de Janeiro; people rise up in defense of water, land and democratic sovereignty; create migrant spaces of refuge, and enact critical multi-species with-standings around the world. As always we urge submissions of panel and paper abstracts that take up the theme of Radical Democracy in all its global resonances.

Possible considerations include: What are the stakes of thinking and practicing RD in light of the increasing number of anti-democratic, nationalist and crypto-fascist demagogues around the globe? What does RD mean in the era of Trump, Erdogan, Le Pen, and the Brexit? What is the relationship between RD and #BLM? Where does RD occur? What are its physical and virtual spaces? Is it a commons? An Undercommons? How do we make or find RD? Where is it between the classroom and the street? When does it manifest? Radical Democracy in a state of emergency? Between autonomy and austerity? Who enacts it, and how? Who is a citizen? What are the media of RD? What are the boundaries between democracy and art? What are its representations and how does RD stretch the limits of representation? What are the aesthetic registers of democracy, of radical politics? What vibrates between POP and AGIT-PROP?

In addition to graduate student participation in panels, we invited guest speakers participate in plenaries and talks over the course of the two days.

Our keynote speaker is Dilip Gaonkar. Gaonkar is a Professor of Communications at Northwestern University, director of the Center for Global Culture and Communication and author of Cultures of Democracy, among numerous other the books. RD#6 will benefit from Dr. Gaonkar’s extensive and rigorous scholarship around crowds, publish, and constructions of democracy. A closing plenary will host Yasmin Nair a Chicago-based writer, political activist and scholar of postcolonial, affect and queer theorist. In her many articles, Nair offers powerful attacks against the structures of state violence, imperialism, and neoliberalism, colonialism, racism and sexism.

For individual paper proposals, please submit a short abstract (max. 400 words) that includes institutional affiliation, academic level and contact information. Complete panel proposals with up to four papers are strongly encouraged. Please submit your panel or paper abstracts by March 19, 2017 to radicaldemocracy[at] Full conference papers are due by April 21, 2017.


March 2 – Matt Swagler – Crossing the Congo River

Cold War Seminar: Matt Swagler on “Crossing the Congo River”
For the next Cold War seminar of the spring semester, Matt Swagler (Columbia University) will discuss “Crossing the Congo River: Attacks, Escapes, and Reconciliation Between the Two Congos, 1960-1970” on Thursday, March 2. Chris Dietrich (Fordham University) will comment.

The seminar will take place from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM in the Tamiment Library conference room on the tenth floor of the Bobst Library, 70 Washington Square South. A reception with wine and cheese will follow the Q & A session. This seminar is sponsored by the Center for the United States and the Cold War.

RSVP: email[at] with guest name(s) & event title.