2017 Call for Contributions: Tierra Sagrada !


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2017 Call for Contributions: Tierra Sagrada

Deadline: March 17, 2017

“We begin this call for contributions by acknowledging that the land on which we gather and write is the ancestral and unceded territory of the Gabrieliño/Tongva People. The third edition of bozalta, “Tierra Sagrada,” is inspired by and intends to center Indigenous worldviews and teachings.

During this era of accelerated environmental devastation, our call for contributions is an intervention into our current climate — political, social, and physical. We recognize that as humans we are not separate from our environment; la Madre Tierra and the human body are intimately related, and the wounds of the land are the wounds of the people. As communities and collectivities, we hold the power to heal Earth and ourselves, and to impact our environment for the shared benefit of all beings living on this Earth for future generations.

“Tierra Sagrada” looks to join ongoing movements of activists, artists, and scholars resisting environmental injustices and protecting the livelihoods of peoples connected to those environments. These injustices include the water crises in the Central Valley of California and Flint, Michigan; the planned construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline under the Missouri River and through sacred ancestral lands of the Standing Rock Sioux; the planned demolition of homes in Barrio Duranguito in El Paso, Texas; lead contamination in East and Southeast  Los Angeles; threats to the unique ecosystem of the Florida Everglades; and so many more.

We understand that our present political moment is not an expression of a new way of thinking, but rather reveals with renewed urgency the continuous evolution and adaptation of the logics of white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, capitalism, conquest, and settler colonialism upon which the United States were founded. We reject these forms of oppression and seek to resist them. This means that we must re-imagine our relationships to each other and la Madre Tierra, following a centuries-long path of Indigenous-based struggles and practices against genocidal policies.

Desiring transformation in our reservations, barrios, schools, jobs, farms, bodegas, streets, parks, oceans, and rivers, we call for contributions that generate and regenerate visions of environment, space, and geography — of how to decolonize our bodies, spirits, minds, and Earth. We call for contributions that speak to environmental (in)justices past and present, and contributions that propose strategies for protecting our lands, our communities, our livelihoods.

      We invite submissions in the form of images, sounds, and texts, and encourage contributions that traverse disciplines, genres, spaces/places, and/or languages. We encourage and will prioritize works that have been produced in collaboration and/or consultation with local Indigenous communities, scholars, cultural educations, and/or cultural practitioners. We imagine some of the works might address:

  • Historical legacies of settler colonialism
  • Transgenerational effects of trauma
  • Climate change & environmental racism
  • Radical spatial imaginaries & spatial reclamation
  • Urban development, gentrification, & houselessness
  • Transportation, public space, & mobility/accessibility
  • Discourses of sustainable development in the Global South
  • (Climate) refugees, borders, (im)migration, & displacement
  • Militarism, natural resource extraction, & the nuclear power industry
  • Solidarity & coalition
  • Food justice, agribusiness, & animal rights
  • Decolonial practices of living with the Earth & our environment(s)

Please send contributions for consideration along with a brief bio (30-50 words) to the bozalta Submittable account. If you are seeking collaborators, we welcome you to post to our bozalta Collaborate Forum, located on our website. Please see the contributions guidelines our on website for more information. “

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