Deutsches Haus: “Garz erzaehlt”: An Evening with Esther Dischereit & “The Pastor’s Children—Punks, Politicians, and Philosophers” March 10th and 13th

Friday March 10th, 6:30pm

Reading and Talk- “Garz erzaehlt”: an Evening with Esther Dischereit

Deutsches Haus at NYU presents an evening with author Esther Dischereit who will speak about her new book Havel, Hunde, Katzen, Tulpen—Garz erzählt [Havel, Dogs, Cats, Tulips—Garz Talks]. She will also read from the book, a collaboration among young German and Austrian authors and Esther Dischereit, in both German and English.

Young authors traveled to the village of Garz at the river Havel, took notes, and recorded: about the sluice keeper, about big fish in the refrigerator, about the dream of a young waitress. Russians and Poles, the postwar era, the GDR, the time after 1989, and about how the village is rolling up its sleeves. A small town with 145 souls, located North-West of Berlin. Based on a variety of many different snapshots and portraits, a vivid picture has been created—Garz talks.

Find out more about the event here.


Monday March 13th 6:30pm

Screening and Conversation- “The Pastors Children-Punks, Politicians, and Philosophers”

Deutsches Haus at NYU presents a screening of the documentary “The Pastor’s Children,” followed by a conversation between the film’s director/co-producer, Angela Zumpe, the pastor of the German Lutheran Church of St. Paul in New York, Miriam Gross, and her son, Amos Gross. The film (84min) will be shown with English subtitles. You can watch the trailer of the film here.
Find out more about the event here.


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