MONDAY: Leadership Across the Political Divide, Do Facts Matter?

Leadership Across the Political Divide: Do Facts Matter?

A Conversation on Journalism in the ‘Post-Truth’ Era

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On the national stage, we’re witnessing debates about facts pertaining to crowd size, climate change and more. How did we get here, and is there a way forward when we can’t agree on the facts? Does the national debate signal a broad and deep trend across the country and campus, and how does it shape our ability to build consensus and set and achieve goals?

On Monday, March 27, the NYU Leadership Initiative and NYU Journalism Institute invite you to hear from an all-star panel of top media and policy experts. Join in for a panel discussion, table top engagement and audience Q&A about leading across the political divide in the age of facts and “alternative facts.”

Speakers include:

  • Melody C. Barnes, Chair of the NYU Leadership Initiative Advisory Council and Former Director of White House Domestic Policy Council under President Barack Obama.
  • Linda Douglass, Global Head of Communications for Bloomberg News and Media; Former Director of Communications for the White House Office of Health Reform under President Barack Obama and journalist with ABC News and CBS News.
  • Michael J. Gerson, Columnist for The Washington Post; Former Assistant to the President for Policy and Strategic Planning under President George W. Bush.
  • Jay Rosen, NYU Journalism Professor and Author of PressThink.

Spots are limited, RSVP here !


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