Reality & Documentary TV – Summer Course

Dear Graduate Students,
MCC is offering a fascinating (and very timely) course on Reality and Documentary TV taught by Professor Susan Murray planned for the first summer session: May 22 – June 11, 2017. The course will meet Mon-Thurs 12:00-2:50 pm. Registration is open now!
MCC-GE 2147 Reality & Documentary Television
How do we explain how we got to the moment of a reality tv presidency? Since the early 2000s we have witnessed the proliferation of reality genres across cable and network programming schedules and experienced the resulting effects on not only the business of television, but global politics and culture. While there are specific explanations for the rise of the current wave of reality, reality programming is not new to television and has developed out of and in relationship to other non-fiction television forms- specifically game shows, participation programs, magazine news programs and, of course, documentary.
This course will survey the history and development of documentary and reality television and its implications for the politics, aesthetics, business, form, and culture of television. Students will develop analytical skills needed to understand the aesthetics and culture referenced and created by the documentary tradition and relit-based programming as well as the business and marketing strategies that have been instituted in relationship to it.

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