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Draper Students: Considering a PhD after graduation? We’re here to help you get started.

Friday, October 23: PhD Application Workshop
Led by Professors Alan Itkin and Justin Jackson
Draper Map Room

This workshop is a mini-orientation session geared towards students who are either considering a Ph.D. or those who are already in the early stages of the application process. It is also relevant to students who are interested in general information regarding doctoral degrees and those who need some guidance as to what they should be prepared for in terms of the application process. Some general issues that will be tackled are:

  • How do I know if a Ph.D. is right for me?
  • Setting realistic expectations of the Ph.D. process and future career trajectories.
  • Choosing a department as well as a university that is a good fit for me.
  • What to expect in terms of the contents and deadlines for a Ph.D. application.
  • Using Draper as a resource for making decisions about a Ph.D. and a career in academia.

We encourage all Draper students who are interested in future doctoral studies and have questions regarding the same to attend. This workshop will be offered again in the spring.

Please RSVP to draper.program[at]nyu.edu

Travel Grant for Draper Students!

The Draper Program is pleased to offer a travel grant of $200 specifically for Draper students to travel to academic conferences. Applications for the current period are due October 31, 2015. Please see the full details and application here.

Master’s College Fall Soiree

Master’s College Fall Soiree: Join the GSAS Master’s College, the Master’s College Program Board, and the Master’s College Alumni Association as we kick off the academic year with a wine and cheese reception on Friday, September 18, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. at the Rosenthal Pavilion, Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square South. To RSVP, email gsas.masterscollege.rsvp@nyu.edu with your name and the name of this event.

Planning for a Ph.D.? Get Your Application in Great Shape with Draper’s Ph. D. Application Bootcamp

April 17 and 24: Ph.D. Application Bootcamp

A multi-session workshop led by Professors Alan Itkin & Justin Jackson

Please note: Students must have attended a PhD Application Workshop to participate in the Bootcamp. Both sessions of the Bootcamp are required. 

Session One: Friday, April 17, 6-8pm
Session Two: Friday, April 24, 6-8pm
Draper Map Room

So you know that you want to get a Ph.D. You’ve attended the Ph.D. workshop at Draper and you’ve decided that academic life is right for you. Now the real fun begins.

You need to put together a great application, an application that sings your praises to admissions committees, that entices them into offering you a great admissions package. But, in order to do that, you have to know a few things first.

This bootcamp is designed for students who know that they want to go on to doctoral study. Over the course of two sessions, we will prepare you for the Ph.D. application process by helping you to get your research proposals in shape. These personal statements are the keystones of your entire application; we  can’t stress enough how much they matter to your success in gaining entry to the program(s) of your choice.

In session one of the series, we’ll spend some time discussing what you’ll need to do for session two. In sum, you’ll need to come to session one with some idea of the discipline(s) you’re interested in. You’ll also need to have some idea about the schools/cities/programs in which you can envision yourself for the next 5-7 years of your academic life. Then, we’ll discuss strategy for Ph.D. applications and homework for the next session. WARNING: This is a bootcamp. There will be a large amount of research, prep work, and writing for session two.

In the second session, you will be responsible for bringing a draft of a personal statement with a semi-fleshed out research project to class for work-shopping and peer review. In addition, you must bring a list of your top 5 schools/programs and know which professors you might want to work with – or who might want to work with you – at each school. You should be able to explain the differences among the programs (each school typically has its own approach to the disciplines) and how you’ll craft a slightly different personal statement for each unique program.

Please RSVP to draper.program[at]nyu.edu

GSAS Teaching Certificate Program Spring Seminar

Preparing Future Faculty 2: Achieving Success through Communication (GS1201) is a non-credit course on the theories and practices of university teaching facilitated by Dr. Marla Wolf. The program is designed for GSAS students nearing the completion of their graduate training and preparing for a career in the academy. Classes will be held Wednesdays3:30 – 6:10 p.m. from February 4, 2015 – April 1, 2015.

Application Deadline: Monday, January 12, 2015

More information about the course can be found at: http://gsas.nyu.edu/object/gsas.certificate.two.

This course is the companion course to Preparing Future Faculty 1: The Art and Craft of Teaching (GA1200) which is offered in the Fall semesters. You can find more information about the GSAS Teaching Certificate Program at: http://gsas.nyu.edu/object/gsas.tlp.certificate.program.