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Artists wanted for FAB Festival 2013 – Artist Peep Show

Our very own Jayme Kilburn is organizing an installation for the FAB Festival. See her message below:
Greetings fellow Draperites!
I was recently accepted into the FAB Festival taking place by the Bowery in NYC to put on my…hmmm…installation? Artist Peep Show!
The Artist Peep Show is a concept I thought of when walking by an empty storefront. The idea is basically taking a peep show but instead of ladies getting naked it is artists doing work. So, a writer would write, an actor may do a monologue or a warm-up, a musician could play some music, etc, etc. I think it would be fun to see both the behind the scenes and the artistry (artists choice). The voyeur would pay a dollar for a minute of art. I am creating a booth that will replicate as much as possible a peep show experience. The artists, of course, can keep the money earned during the “performance.” (and there is no taking off of one’s clothes!)
There is no budget for the installation, but it is an idea I had that I thought was cool and I think the FAB Fest is a great place to present it and see how it works.
The festival takes place on Saturday, September 28 from 1-5pm. Most likely the slots will be a half hour each depending on how many artists participate. The Festival would like a preliminary list of artists from me by August 1. If you have any interest please let me know or pass onto others! I would also need a brief bio from you by August 1 to pass onto the festival coordinator.

Anthropology “Art and Society” course of possible interest to Draper students

Professor Fred Myers is teaching the Anthropology grad course Art and Society this Fall, on Mondays from 2-4:45pm. Description below. Students must consult with Robert Dimit during their advising appointments before registering.


 GA 1630:   Art and Society

                  According to Jakobson, communication has an aesthetic function when communication focusses on the medium itself.  In this course, we will consider the nature of aesthetic expression in a variety of media — the arts, broadly speaking — in diverse societies, focusing both on style and function with a critical examination of the relationships between art and other dimensions of culture.   One of the instructor’s principal interests is in the larger problem of how material culture acquires value in a variety of social formations.  As cultural forms from a variety of societies now circulate more broadly outside of the venues in which their meanings were once produced, a range of very interesting anthropological and conceptual problems has emerged.  In the course, we will be concerned with tracing the impact of the new circumstances of art’s circulation on traditional theories of the value of the formal.

            A major emphasis in the course will consist of comparing relativist approaches from anthropology that have questioned the universality of the category “art” with current debates in art theory on the category of “aesthetics.”  The plan is to take quite seriously the conception of “art and society” as a problem, by exploring different problems in this relationship and especially considering the social and cultural construction of the category “art” itself in artworlds.  Topics will include the general orientations of ethnoaesthetics (the way form is understood locally); the role of art producers cross-culturally; the primitivism debates; the differentiation of the arts from each other; art, taste, and distinction; new patterns (global flows?) in the circulation and consumption of art; struggles over public art; the avant-garde; art markets; artwriting; and art, nationalism, and cultural identity.

Draperite-curated Exhibition in Brooklyn 8/2-17 — In the House: Yukako Kondo and the Remembrance of Things Past

Draperite Yena Lee has curated the first contemporary art exhibition at the oldest house museum in New York City!

Details below. No need to RSVP.




 In the House: Yukako Kondo and the Remembrance of Things Past

Dates: August 2 -17, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 1, 2013, 5 – 8 pm

Special performance begins at 6:30 pm

Contemporary art comes to New York’s oldest house. The Wyckoff House Museum hosts its first contemporary art exhibit, organized by independent curator Yena Lee. Seoul and Osaka based artist Yukako Kondo introduces her breathtaking paintings to American audiences.

The rhetoric of Kondo’s art is based on a combination of the vanitas aesthetic of seventeenth-century Dutch still life painting and the symbolism of Korean folk art. The objects captured from Kondo’s everyday experience refer to the brevity and uncertainty of life and the transient nature of all earthly goods as well as each individual’s obsession with earthly pleasures such as prosperity and longevity. The two contrasting attitudes toward life and death prompt the viewers to reflect on the meaning of one’s mortal coil: what do we fear and what do we want to achieve?

This exhibition awakens the memories of private lives lying dormant in the objects and space of the Wyckoff house. Like the petite madeleine of Marcel Proust, the riveting images breathe new life into this historic house once occupied by generations of the Dutch-American Wyckoff family. Intimate stories of a mother and child fill the rooms, summoning up remembrance of things past as told through everyday objects. Visual cues of domestic life are complemented by modern Japanese haiku poems.

Please join us for an opening reception with the artist and curator. Enjoy cocktails, snacks and tours of the house and exhibition. The evening includes a special site-specific performance by internationally renowned dancer, Mi Hee Lee.

Admission: Free


Wyckoff House Museum
5816 Clarendon Rd.
Brooklyn, NY 11203

For questions or to RSVP for reception email Yena Lee at olivialovesart@gmail.com