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Draper Talk Tonight, 11/14: What Are Disciplines and Do We Still Need Them?

This Friday we will host the final event in our Interdisciplinary Talk Series, David Forgacs: What Are Disciplines and Do We Still Need Them? 

In Professor Forgacs’ own words: 

I am thought of as an academic who moves between disciplines. I wanted
to study painting, photography and filmmaking but instead I won a
scholarship to study literature. I got interested in history and media
sociology but I ended up in Italy doing a PhD in philosophy and
political theory. I never really settled down in any one of these
fields and I have continued to zigzag between them for over thirty
years. However, this kind of mobility can have costs as well as
benefits. In my talk I will ask what disciplines are, how they came to
be constituted, how they get reproduced and how their boundaries are
defended and challenged. I will ask whether, in the humanities,
teachers, researchers and students still need disciplines. Lastly, I
will show some examples of my recent work bringing together the study
of photography and social theory and ask where one might choose to
place it on an imaginary disciplinary map.
6:00 PM
14 University Place
Refreshments will be served
Last Friday’s talk with David Hoover was a huge success! Here are some photos from the event:
Hoover 1 Hoover 2 Hoover 3

Mark Your Calendars for the Draper Interdisciplinary Talk Series!

Fall 2014 Draper Talk Series:
Interdisciplinarity in Today’s Academy


NYU’s Draper Interdisciplinary Master’s Program in Humanities and Social Thought is hosting a series of talks on Friday evenings in the fall on Interdisciplinarity in Today’s Academy. Interdisciplinarity is often touted as a virtue in academic research and teaching, but there has been little sustained investigation of how interdisciplinarity functions in practice. What opportunities and what obstacles are there for doing research and teaching that crosses disciplinary borders? And what does “interdisciplinarity” even mean in an environment where the way disciplines define themselves is constantly changing? This series aims to explore these questions by hosting speakers whose work crosses disciplinary barriers.  Speakers will discuss their research and teaching and their experience doing interdisciplinary work. Talks will be followed by a question and answer session.

Sept. 12:  Draper Faculty Fellows Alan Itkin (Literary Cultures), Lori Cole (Art Worlds), Justin Jackson (Global Histories), & Patrick Vitale (The City)

Draper’s Faculty Fellows will discuss their research and have a round-table Q&A session about their experience as interdisciplinary scholars.

Sept. 26:  Rebecca Scott, Prof. of History and Law, Univ. of Michigan

The Allure of the Archives: Capturing Vernacular Understandings of Law and Rights

Prof. Scott is a scholar of History who works in legal archives.  She has written about slavery and emancipation in Louisiana, the Caribbean, and Latin America.  Her latest book, co-authored with Jean Hébrard, is Freedom Papers: An Atlantic Odyssey in the Age of Emancipation She will speak about the metaphors historians use to understand their work and how translation and literary approaches to language enter into historians’ work with archival materials.

Oct. 10:  Ann Pellegrini, Assoc. Prof. of Religious Studies and Performance Studies and Director, Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, NYU

Talk title to be announced later.

Nov. 7:  David Hoover, Prof. of English (Digital Humanities, Digital Textual Studies), NYU

Talk title to be announced later.

Nov. 14:  David Forgacs, Prof. of Italian (Film Studies, Cultural Studies), NYU

Talk title to be announced later.

All events will take place in the Draper Map Room at 14 University Place, 1st floor. 6-8 PM