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Writing Workshops for GSAS Master’s Students

Draperites! The Master’s College is hosting MA-student specific writing workshops this month. Take a look and make sure you RSVP to the address below!
Master’s College Writing Workshops:

The Master’s College will offer two writing workshops targeted to those students working on a master’s thesis or final project. It is open to all GSAS master’s students.


Session 1: Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.


Session 2: Thursday, September 26, 2013, 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.


Both sessions will be held in the Graduate Commons in the Silver Center, 100 Washington Square East, Room 120.


To RSVP, email gsas.masterscollege.rsvp@nyu.edu with your name, the name of this event, and the session date you would like to attend.

Master’s College Cocktail Party: Tomorrow, May 4

Let’s toast the end of another academic year at GSAS. Join The GSAS Master’s College and the Master’s College Program Board Tomorrow, Friday, May 4th at 6:30 pm for a dress – to – impress cocktail party.
Overlooking the city below, celebrate at Kimmel on the 9th floor, room 914 for this fun fancy-dress party and raise a glass to your success!
Cocktail Party Attire

To RSVP send an email to gsas.masterscollege.rsvp@nyu.edu with your name and the name of this event.

Call for Applications: Forum on Forms of Seeing

Please see below for a call for applications to the Forum on Forms of Seeing, cosponsored by GSAS and the Institute of Fine Arts. Draper student Christine Olson participated in the forum this year and has offered to speak to any other Draperites who are interested in applying for next year’s forum. If you would like to be in touch with Christine, please email Draper directly at draper.program@nyu.edu. 

This year’s Forum on Forms of Seeing Symposium (including a presentation by Christine) will be held on April 27. More information about the symposium is available here

New York University
Forum on Forms of Seeing

Spring 2012

FORUM DESCRIPTIONThe Graduate School of Arts and Science and the Institute of Fine Arts are pleased to invite nominations and applications for a specialized interdisciplinary forum for graduate students whose work addresses modes of visual representation and their products. Focused on the ways in which cultures give form to visual experience, the Forum on Forms of Seeing aims to bring together students from a wide range of graduate programs. Applications are encouraged from students who have strong historical and/or theoretical interests in images and visuality in the broadest sense, and who wish to become closely familiar with other disciplines concerned with visual representation.

Over the past few decades, many disciplines have become interested in “visuality” as a wider natural and cultural phenomenon that includes not only the traditional fine arts but imaging practices of all kinds, from cinema and popular print culture to digital reality techniques and scientific modeling. Anthropology, Philosophy, History, Literary Criticism, Psychoanalysis, and Neuroscience have taken significant interest in the concept of the visual, and relatively young disciplines such as Cinema Studies and Visual Studies or Visual Culture put visual representation at the center of their research. Art History itself has become more cognizant of the limitations of traditional medium-bound definitions of the image, and has taken up a more fluidly-defined visuality as one of its central problems. Reflecting the dramatic expansion of visuality as a category for scholarly inquiry, the Forum invites applications for membership from any NYU graduate program.

How images in different periods and cultures imitate, model, render, or critique the world and our visual apprehension of it, for their makers and for their viewers, will be of central interest to the Forum. This historical and comparative approach may profitably be complemented by a philosophical understanding of the image as record of, or model for, acts of seeing. The creation, dissemination, function, signification, efficacy, duration, destruction, and demise of images will be welcome topics for the Forum.

MEETING FORMATMembership in the Forum on Forms of Seeing will be for one academic year, commencing in September 2012 and ending in April 2013. All eight members will present and critique work in progress during monthly, moderated lunch sessions, scheduled on Fridays, from 12–3 p.m., at Washington Square and the Institute of Fine Arts. The meetings will culminate in a one-day event at the end of the semester, showcasing the year’s presentations. Members are expected to attend every session and to participate in the end-of-year symposium. A stipend of $500 is distributed per semester.

APPLICATION PROCEDURETo apply for membership in the 2012-13 Forum on Forms of Seeing, please provide a one-page statement of your scholarly interest in visual representation and the relevance of interdisciplinary debate about visuality for your graduate work.  Your application should include a current transcript (unofficial is fine), CV, and a recommendation by a NYU faculty member. Please submit your completed application electronically by end-of-day Monday, May 7 to Anna Antoniak (anna.antoniak@nyu.edu).

For more information, please visit the Forum on Forms of Seeing blog at blogs.nyu.edu/blogs/bms247/forumonformsofseeing/

Applicants are encouraged to attend this year’s symposium on Friday, April 27 (4-7 PM) at 7 East 12th Street, Rm 321.

IFA-GSAS Forum on Forms of Seeing Annual Symposium: 4/27

Draper’s Christine Olson will be presenting at this symposium.

IFA-GSAS Forum on Forms of Seeing Annual Symposium
Friday, April 27, 2012 // 7 East 12 Street, Rm 321 // 4-7 PM

The Forum on Forms of Seeing is a specialized interdisciplinary forum for graduate students whose work addresses modes of visual representation and their products. Join us on Friday, April 27th for a series of brief presentations. Reception to follow for the (re)launch of the Forum’s online presence.
Scheduled Presentations
Reception to Follow
DENA A. AL‐ADEEB [Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, GSAS]
Transnational and Transdisciplinary Turns In Contemporary West‐Asian & North African Art
BLANCA DE LA VÁLGOMA [Institute of Fine Arts, GSAS]
Seeing a Portrait as They Saw It: Towards a Visual Culture of Seventeenth‐Century Spain

Photographing Forensics: Art, Science & the Politics of Visual Evidence in Post‐Dictatorship Argentina & Spain

SARAH GRISWOLD [Institute of French Studies/History, GSAS] 
Protecting the Muses: The League of Nations and Cultural Heritage Policy
CHRISTINE OLSON [Humanities and Social Thought, GSAS] 
Inscribing Turkishness: Alphabet and National Identity
ALIZA SHVARTS [Performance Studies, Tisch] 
Fake Blood and Queer Belonging
Maori Media in the 21st Century
Clark Coolidge’s Dialogic Poetry: Polaroid and Smithsonian Depositions
MAYA WINFREY [Performance Studies, Tisch] 
Racial Signification in Young Jean Lee’s LEAR: A Surface Reading

For more information about last year’s event, please visit

IMPORTANT: April 1 Deadline for Lapsed Incomplete Grades

Dear Students:
The GSAS Dean’s Office has announced their intention to begin strictly enforcing policies regarding incomplete grades. After April 1, 2012, grade changes will not be permitted for any incomplete that has extended beyond one academic year without an approved extension and/or has lapsed to an F.
Until that date, the Dean’s office is allowing students to rectify current Incompletes that should have expired or have already lapsed to an F. If you currently have an unresolved Incomplete or F on your transcript from a course that you took an incomplete in, please contact Draper as soon as possible to discuss how best to handle your situation. In some cases, extensions of incompletes may be possible. 
Going forward, please remember that GSAS policy states that students who take an incomplete in a course have one year from the *beginning* of the semester in which the course was taken to complete the work and receive a final grade. If the course work is not completed within this time, and the student has not been granted an extension, the ‘I’ will turn into an ‘F.’ 
Extensions for incomplete grades are often granted–please be sure to contact Draper if you think that you’ll need even a short amount of extra time to complete outstanding coursework. 
GSAS’ complete policy for incomplete grades can be found in section 3.6 the Policy and Procedures manual here.