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Fall 2014 African American History Seminar

Professor Jeffrey T. Sammons has opened his African American History Seminar to Draper students!

Tuesdays, 4:55 – 7:40
KJCC 607
Jeffrey Sammons: ks11[at]nyu.edu

Course Description:
The purpose of this course is to afford participants the opportunity to produce an original research paper on any aspect, in any period, of the history of African Americans broadly construed. The course is designed so as to introduce new material and new ways of looking at familiar material for more senior students and to provide foundational support to those with no or limited graduate level exposure to African American History and/or training in historical research methods and theory as related to the subject material. Much of both sets of supports will be found through classic and cutting-edge scholarly products rather than through explicitly instructional sources. The objective is to help you ask the right kinds of questions of the material, as any subject is only as important as the questions asked of it. The finished product, of twenty-five to thirty pages, will satisfy the seminar requirement for the Masters degree if the grade is B or higher.

During the first five weeks of the course we will discuss common readings. All participants will be expected to read all assigned materials and contribute meaningfully to class discussions. During that period, those students without a project in mind should be seriously exploring and developing a topic. I expect that during these early weeks that all of you will consult with me on the basis of need. Those who have a firm topic should inform me immediately for an assessment of viability and acceptability.

August 25 at the Brooklyn Brainery: The History of the American Freak Show

This coming Monday, Draperite Anni Irish will be teaching a class at the Brooklyn Brainery on the history of the American Freak Show. Come one, come all!

August 25, 6:30 – 8:00 PM
The Brooklyn Brainery
190 Underhill Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Full details available here.


Consortium for Intellectual and Cultural History Event, NYU, March 13: Quentin Skinner, Annabel S. Brett, Sankar Muthu

The Department of History at New York University presents


Presentations and Panel Discussion by:

Quentin Skinner (Queen Mary University of London)
Classical Rhetoric as a Key to Unlock Renaissance Political Thought

Annabel S. Brett (Cambridge University)

Revisiting the Relationship between History and Philosophy

Sankar Muthu (University of Chicago)

On the Intellectual History of Global Connections in Enlightenment Political Thought


Thursday, March 13, 4-6pm

Jurow Hall (Silver Center), 100 Washington Square East (and Waverly Place)

A reception will follow the event. 

Co-Sponsored by the History Department, the Graduate School of Arts and Science, the Intellectual History Workshop, and the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies.

DSO Speaker Series Wed, 11/20: “Thank You Suharto: How I Became an Academic”

Draper Student Organisation presents:

John W. Draper Program Speaker Series

“Thank You Suharto: How I Became an Academic”

Wednesday, Nov 20 at 8:45pm
14 University Place

(pizza and refreshments will be provided)

Prof. Taylor M. Easum

Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow of Draper Program

Taylor M. Easum is an historian of Asia, with a keen interest in Thailand and urban history. He recently completed his Ph.D. in History at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His research lies at the intersection of cities, power, and space in Asian history. In his research and writing, Dr. Easum explores the relationship between local history and broad historical queries, such as the nature of empire or the spread of nationalism. He is particularly interested, for example, in refocusing historical debate away from the Asian metropolis and toward the intermediate, secondary, and smaller cities of the region. His ongoing research into the urban historical traditions of mainland Southeast Asia also deals with issues of historical preservation, memory and identity, especially as manifested in urban space.



The Draper Student Organization is proud to announce the 2013-2014 “John W. Draper Program Speaker Series”. This year’s series will feature a remarkable selection NYU professors who share their latest academic research as well as their experience in the academic world.

Reflecting the John W. Draper Program’s belief that the pressing issues of humanities and social sciences are most fruitfully explored through cross-disciplinary approaches, each year’s speaker series presents prominent professors from across the spectrum of departments at NYU’s Graduate School of Arts & Science. 


Pursuing a Ph.D. in History: A Panel Discussion

Friday October 18th, 2013
King Juan Carlos Center
53 Washington Square South
7th Floor—Room 701

Are you a current BA or MA student interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in History in
your near or distant future? The NYU Department of History presents a panel
discussion hosted by current History Ph.D. students to answer your questions on
what it’s like to be in a History doctoral program. Perspectives from BA-to-Ph.D.
and MA-to-Ph.D. students will be shared. Panelists include:

Timo McGregor—A first year and international student perspective.

Betty Banks—A second year perspective.

Anasa Hicks—A third year perspective.

Kate Mulry—The dissertation writing phase.

Beatrice Wayne—The Graduate History Student Association.

RSVP required to graduate.history@nyu.edu. Refreshments will be served.