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Artists wanted for FAB Festival 2013 – Artist Peep Show

Our very own Jayme Kilburn is organizing an installation for the FAB Festival. See her message below:
Greetings fellow Draperites!
I was recently accepted into the FAB Festival taking place by the Bowery in NYC to put on my…hmmm…installation? Artist Peep Show!
The Artist Peep Show is a concept I thought of when walking by an empty storefront. The idea is basically taking a peep show but instead of ladies getting naked it is artists doing work. So, a writer would write, an actor may do a monologue or a warm-up, a musician could play some music, etc, etc. I think it would be fun to see both the behind the scenes and the artistry (artists choice). The voyeur would pay a dollar for a minute of art. I am creating a booth that will replicate as much as possible a peep show experience. The artists, of course, can keep the money earned during the “performance.” (and there is no taking off of one’s clothes!)
There is no budget for the installation, but it is an idea I had that I thought was cool and I think the FAB Fest is a great place to present it and see how it works.
The festival takes place on Saturday, September 28 from 1-5pm. Most likely the slots will be a half hour each depending on how many artists participate. The Festival would like a preliminary list of artists from me by August 1. If you have any interest please let me know or pass onto others! I would also need a brief bio from you by August 1 to pass onto the festival coordinator.