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Your Weekly Flickr Commons Photofinds: Group Photos

“Rebecca Wolinksy”
Part of the Jewish Women’s Archive collection of Jewish-American Women and WWII

Collection of Seminole dolls in the process of being made by Mary Billie:
Big Cypress Reservation, Florida (July 15, 1980)
State Library and Archives of Florida

Children’s tea party at Marlborough, Queensland, 1900-1910
State Library of Queensland, Australia

CFP: Photography, Gender, & the Politics of Representation (Princeton, Due 3/1)


An Interdisciplinary Symposium
Princeton University, April 22-23, 2011

Keynote Speaker: Professor George Baker, Department of Art History, UCLA

The past decade has witnessed widespread institutional and scholarly efforts to historicize the relation between art and feminism, and between art and identity politics. These efforts unfold in a present that is often characterized as “post-gender” and/or “post-racial.” Just as categories of identity seem to lose traction in cultural discourse, so boundaries between artistic media become unfixed. Yet photographic representation is increasingly pervasive, and increasingly bound to the performance of subjectivity.
This symposium aims to consider the interrelated production of gender and photography, along with their dissolution as stable categories of inquiry. An interrogation of photography today requires looking within as well as beyond the boundaries of traditional art-historical frameworks. It compels us to account for the political and social dimensions in which photography participates, and demands that we re-consider the mise-en-scène of photography’s production as art.
How has the evolution of photography—from b/w to color, from analogue to digital, from mass media to social media—served to articulate or blur aesthetic and subjective differences? What politics of representation emerge when the individual can be both agent and object of photographic voyeurism, exhibitionism, and surveillance? Might photography’s expanded field offer the potential for reshaping feminist politics today?
We invite participants to explore historical, existing and possible relationships between photography and the (re)production of gender, from the perspectives of visual culture, philosophy, (art) history, and art practice. Papers might consider photography in relation to:
gender bending – histories and politics of sexuality – performance and/or portraiture – the construction of masculinity – women artists – representations of gender, race, and class – advocacy, activism, and political practice – feminist politics, ethics, and aesthetics – medical and biological discourses – capitalism, terrorism, and war

We welcome submissions from graduate students and emerging scholars in all fields and disciplines. Please submit a CV and 300-word abstract for a 20-minute paper by March 1, 2011 to Frances Jacobus-Parker, Elena Peregrina-Salvador, and Mareike Stoll at princetonphotography2011@gmail.com.

Flickr Commons Photofinds: Early Spring

Our photofinds this week were all found by doing a keyword search for “early spring” in the Flickr Commons. Enjoy the nice weather today!

Pasque Flowers – This Early Blooming Spring Flower Survives
the Late Snow Storms of the Rocky Mountains, 05/1972

Photo by David Hiser; Part of the U.S. National Archives Collection

An Unconscious Woman on the Ground, circa 1900
Powerhouse Museum Collection

A Field of Flowers and Mount Tabor, 1915
Oregon State University’s Collection

Flickr Commons Photofinds for Valentines Day

Galt Museum and Archives

As avid readers of our venerable blog will remember, last semester we posted weekly gems from the Library of Congress’ Flickr collection. The LoC collection is notable not only for its hidden treasures, it is also remarkable in that it was integral to the development of the Flickr “Commons,” a copyright free, social tagging experiment that has vastly expanded in the last few years. (More on the Flickr/LoC partnership here, for all you open-access, social-tagging enthusiasts.)

From now on, our photo finds will be drawn not only from the LoC collection, but the larger Commons. Participants in the Commons range from the Brooklyn Museum and the National Maritime Museum to the Bergen Public Library and NASA, so the photo collection is exceptionally diverse. It’s a great resource, so check it out sometime and send us your favorite finds to post.

For now, though, some Valentine’s Day inspired photos (all of these came up in a keyword search for “valentine”):

McCall Style and Beauty (1939)
Part of the George Eastman House Collection

Meisje met jonge leeuwen in Artis (1961)
From the Nationaal Archief Collection

Valentine Dance, School (1956)
Library of Virginia

Library of Congress Photo Finds of the Week: Famous Faces

A few images of famous personalities: