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Roommate needed: Astoria, $800/month, starting August 1st

Roommate needed! 1 bedroom is available in my 2-bedroom apartment. We have a VERY sizeable living room, bathroom, and a nice little kitchen with a brand-spankin’-new oven that was just installed a few months ago. It’s quiet, with nice, big windows, hardwood floors, and tremendous natural light.
If you’re interested, please call me at 716.725.3081 or e-mail me at cmm766@nyu.edu so I can get to know you better.
Beginning when? August 2013
How much? $800 per person, per month. This includes Heat and Hot Water, but not electric or cable. I’d say that, including those two, budget about $900 a month.
Where? Astoria, Queens. It’s <1 mile to the N, Q, R, M and (by quick transfer), F, E, and 7 lines. It’s about a 30-45 minute subway ride into the city.
Who am I, and Who am I looking for? As your future roommate, I’m a 2nd-year Draper student (female) in the dual-degree program (I’m also getting my MLS through LIU). Because I have a really heavy work load, I need a roommate who is able to pay rent/utilities on time, is (reasonably) tidy, and is respectfully quiet. You’re welcome to contact me whether you’re male or female. I believe that home should be a safe, restful, healthy environment: if you agree, and if the price is right for you, let’s make this happen!
What’s so cool about Astoria? More like, what isn’t cool about Astoria?
– It’s far enough outside of Manhattan that it’s not super loud or overridden by undergrads. (Admit it: they’re loud). I live right by little Egypt, but there’s a huge Greek community here, too. The neighbourhood is a great cross-section of young professionals, artists, students, and families. It’s a great place to live, and it’s quite safe, too.
– The pizza place down the block is the nicest place in the world. I spend a considerable amount of time there during midterms.
– 30th Avenue, right by my (our?) apartment has a great selection of bars, cafes, bakeries, etc.
– Astoria park isn’t too far away either. We even have a kickball team that plays every other Sunday. Trust me, you don’t have to be good, but the people who come are really a fantastic bunch.
– We’ve got pretty much anything you need: clothing & apparel, grocery stores, ORGANIC grocery stores, shopping, hookah lounges, transport, decent community. Heck, we’ve even got the Museum of the Moving Image. It’s a great place to be.

Caitlin MacKenzie Mannion
MSLIS Candidate, 2013
Long Island University, Manhattan Campus
MA Candidate (Interdisciplinary Studies), 2014
New York University

Apartment for Rent – Bed Stuy/Bushwick

$1500 / 2br – 2 Bedroom Railroad Available July 1 (Bed Stuy/Bushwick)

This 2 bedroom railroad style apartment is situated just a few blocks on the Bed Stuy side of Broadway close to Bushwick. It’s on the South side of Kosciuszko near Stuyvesant, a seven minute walk from the JMZ Myrtle/Broadway stop (20 min to Manhattan), and 15 min walk from the Utica A/C. It’s a quiet, old brick building with heat and hot water included, on the second floor of a four-story, with some furnishings available. There’s some exposed brick in the living room and one bedroom. It’s a pretty good size with hardwood floors, marble tile in the kitchen, and is definitely under market value at $1500 a month. We’re using the 2nd bedroom as an office/storage space now but it’s certainly suitable as a bedroom. The space is, however, probably best suited to a couple rather than roommates.
The landlord requires a $100 credit check/application fee and one or two month security deposit dependent upon credit.
Please email if you’re interested in learning more.

Folks can email me at kluth.aj@gmail.com or call 347-831-4253.

Apartment for rent, Jersey City

Good afternoon Draperites,
Looking for an apartment? See below:
$600 (utilities included)
In Journal Square, 10 min. walk to PATH station (very convenient to NYU campus!)
Large Bedroom (2 connected 10×10 rooms= 200 sq-ft all to yourself!) with nice view of Manhattan, in 3-bedroom apartment.
Not sure you can beat this deal for spaciousness and convenience. Only reason I’m leaving is because I’m moving to Chicago. (posting this ad as a courtesy to my landlord, not trying to get out of a lease or anything).
If interested and want to know more, please contact:
Kevin McKouen


Advisement Announcement!

Fall 2013 Academic Advisement
Draper’s fall 2013 academic advisement session will run from Monday, August 12 – Thursday, August 29. Students may call the Draper main line at 212.998.8070starting at 9:00am on Monday, July 23, 2013, to make an advisement appointment. This information is also available on our News and Events page.

Registering for Outside Classes
Students wishing to register for non-Draper courses may do so once registration opens on Albert this Monday, April 22. In this case, it is important to first contact the originating department to find out what their protocol is for registering outside students.

All students who are registering for credit-bearing courses in the fall 2013 semester must have an advising appointment.

Working on Your Thesis
Students who plan to work only on their thesis in the fall and not take other courses must register for Maintenance of Matriculation (Course number MAINT-GA 4747, Class #1466). No permission codes are needed to register for maintenance, nor is it required that you have an advisement appointment.


 Draper Fall 2013 Schedule
A preliminary fall 2013 course schedule is now available on Draper’s website, herehttp://draper.fas.nyu.edu/object/drap.fall13 .
We will add more crosslists, course descriptions and additional course information as we receive it, so please check back regularly.
As always, feel free to call or email Draper —212.998.8070 or draper.program@nyu.edu— with any questions.


Don’t Forget to Register for Draper’s Summer Writing Workshops

Dear students:

Please find a reminder below about Draper’s upcoming Summer Writing Workshops, offered in summer sessions one and two with Profs. Theresa MacPhail and Steven Moga. 
If you plan on enrolling, please do so within the next week–courses with low initial enrollments are often cancelled over the summer. 

You do not need an access code to register for the writing workshop; the class numbers you need to enroll are below. 
Please contact draper.program@nyu.edu with questions. 


Every summer, Draper offers a workshop course called “Preparation for Graduate School: Summer Writing Workshop.” Although this course was originally designed for incoming graduate students, it has also been very useful to some Draper students after completing their first semesters in the program. 

If you’d like to brush up your writing skills this summer, the course will be offered in both summer session one (with Prof. MacPhail) andsummer session two (with Prof. Moga). It’s a pass/fail class which can be taken for two credits, or as a non-credit course (there’s a flat fee of $1,000 for the non-credit section; regular tuition applies to the two credit sections). There are no access codes for Draper’s summercourses, so you can just enroll directly on Albert. 
Course descriptions for both Prof. MacPhail and Prof. Moga’s workshops are below. Email Draper (draper.program@nyu.edu) with any questions about the course or summer registration. 
Summer Session One: 5/21 – 6/29

Summer Writing Workshop
Prof. Theresa MacPhail

Mondays, 6:00 – 8:30 PM
Draper Map Room

Section 001: non-credit (CLASS NUMBER: 1487)
Section 002: two credits (CLASS NUMBER: 1488)

This course introduces incoming and first-year graduate students to the practice of academic writing. We’ll cover some of the specific forms and styles that graduate students routinely encounter, including: grant proposals and prospectuses, abstracts, book  and literature reviews, critical essays, and research papers. We’ll also seek to demystify the writing process by discussing some of the practical problems that writers face and breaking down the process into manageable tasks at each stage.
Because this course is a practical, hands-on workshop, it will be centered around what you write from week to week, as well as in-classwriting activities including peer review, feedback, editing, and discussion. Readings will consist of short articles on particular aspects ofwriting, and examples of the genres we are working with.
Aside from the writing you produce during the course, you should also have a longer paper that you would like to revise, either something in progress or previously written for another course. It doesn’t have to be a fully polished piece but it should have a recognizable shape with introduction, body and conclusion fleshed out. In case you do not have a suitable paper available, we can make other arrangements.
Summer Session Two: 7/2 – 8/10

Summer Writing Workshop
Prof. Steven Moga

Tuesdays, 6:00 – 8:30 PM
Draper Map Room

Section 003: non-credit (CLASS NUMBER 1489)
Section 004: two credits (CLASS NUMBER 1490)

This course focuses on academic writing in the form of short essays and research papers. Designed as a workshop, it aims to teach students practical skills for success in graduate school through weekly writing assignments, in-class writing and editing exercises, readings about academic writing, and discussion. Topics include style and tone in academic argument, writing with clarity and sophistication, the use of jargon and technical language, time management and the term paper, and the writing process.