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Nov 14 | Illness Narratives, Networked Subjects, and Intimate Publics | hosted by MCC and the Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing

Illness Narratives, Networked Subjects, and Intimate Publics
/// Friday, November 14, 2014, New York University, 1-5 PM
Through the relational production and circulation of personal narratives about experiences with pain and loss, new publics are created while networked subjects are negotiated. This colloquium addresses the productive capacities of illness, disability, death, and dying, asking how individuals use online platforms or other forms of new technology to both reproduce and contest popular discourses surrounding these everyday phenomena.
Copyright © 2014 NYU Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, All rights reserved.

This Friday: New Media Archives w/ Lori Emerson and Ben Fino-Radin at New York University

New | Media Archives
Friday, November 15th at 5:00pm
239 Greene St, 8th Floor
Free and Open to the Public

How do we preserve an obsolete technology? How do we view and understand a work of art produced for a system that no longer exists? New media technologies present a host of new and challenging concerns for archivists, with a wide range of approaches to the preservation and even resurrection of dead media objects and systems. 

Join us Friday, November 15th at 5pm for the second event in this year’s PROGRAM lecture series. New | Media Archives brings together Lori Emerson (CU Boulder) and Ben Fino-Radin (MOMA) to address the concerns and opportunities of archiving new media technologies, and the ways new media have in turn transformed traditional archival practices.

Lori Emerson (University of Colorado, Boulder)

“The Media Archaeology Lab as Configurable Conceptual Object”

Lori Emerson will discuss how the Media Archaeology Lab has evolved over the years to become a DIY, community-driven, living archive. Depending on how you approach the MAL, it is now as much a site either of or for research and teaching as it is a site for artistic interventions, experiments, projects; an archive for obsolete media; or an archive for original works of digital art/literature along with their original platforms. Equally at home in literature departments, art departments, media studies departments, history of technology programs, computer science departments, libraries and archives, the MAL is the definition of a configurable, conceptual object.

Lori Emerson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the University of Colorado at Boulder and Director of the Media Archaeology Lab. She writes and teaches on digital literature, experimental American and Canadian writing from the 20th and 21st century, history of computing, and media theory.

Ben Fino-Radin (Museum of Modern Art)

“Fragile Bits and Dead Media: Preserving Computer Based Works of Art”

Ben Fino-Radin is the Digital Repository Manager at the Museum of Modern Art and former Digital Conservator for Rhizome at the New Museum for Contemporary Art. His most recent archival project was XFR STN, an open-door artist-centered media archiving project for moving image and born digital works.

PROGRAM is an interdisciplinary event series organized by graduate students in NYU’s departments of Media, Culture and Communication, Comparative Literature, and Cinema Studies. The series  explores ongoing questions in the field of media studies, particularly the cultural, historical, aesthetic and political impact of software and programming.